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False Positive: Avira reports malware

Admin - 2020-02-02

As some users of Advanced Backup have already noticed, the current version of the Avira Security Suite software reports our Advanced Backup software as malware. Specifically, the backup software is identified as being slightly harmful using an Avira heuristic procedure. This affects version 6.1.1

Software: Advanced Backup

This warning message is a clear false positive. This means that the antivirus software made a mistake here and incorrectly recognizes the unknown software as malicious. There can be many reasons for such false positives.

In the case of Advanced Backup, it is a backup software that accesses files and reads them out for the user and then backs them up to another position or synchronizes them. Antivirus software does not seem to like such frequent access and is therefore rated negatively. In addition, the Advanced Backup software has a background service that is in continuous operation and is responsible for starting the individual backup tasks. The antivirus software seems to rate all of these processes negatively.

The fact is that the Advanced Backup software is completely free of any malware. The company's goal is to provide outstanding software and the best possible services for our customers and users. All software published on Evorim is regularly checked by various antivirus software. Any user can create an overview of the results at any time. For this we refer to the online services of VirusTotal, where you can upload our software and then it is subsequently checked by up to 70 different antivirus software at the same time. The results of these tests are always negative, as every user can check for themselves.

In the current version 6.1.2, no warning message appears from the antivirus software. All affected users can update to the latest version.
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