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Last modification : 21.11.2022 Version 2.6.2 in Win7  
Installing version 2.6.2 over 2.6.1 in Win7 is very "iffy".

One of my three notebooks (Win7) went 2.5.8/2.6.0/2.6.1/2.6.2 with no problems.

A second notebook went 2.5.8/2.6.0/2.6.1 without trouble but 2.6.2 became completely stuck at the beginning screen of the 3x3 dot matrix, just winkling away forever. This needed a *complete* uninstallation of 2.6.1 followed by a full, new installation of 2.6.2. Then importing the json settings file from 2.6.1 still needed tedious editing to work smoothly.

The third notebook needed a full uninstallation of 2.5.8 and a full, new installation of 2.6.2. Importing the json settings file from 2.5.8 again required tedious editing to work without annoyance.

I realise this programme is freeware and I am grateful for that. The ability to control every bit of internet outlet from all the installed programmes is valuable. The number of sneaky "phone home" bits and pieces is quite eye-opening. It would be nice, though, for updates to work more smoothly than they do.
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