General Terms and Conditions

With the download, installation or use of this software, as well as the disclosure to third parties, you accept this license agreement.

Important note: Please read this End User License Agreement carefully and make sure that you have understood all the provisions before you accept the license agreement. Under the condition that you accept all the terms of the license agreement, the owner and author Eduard Steinmiller (hereinafter referred to as "Licensor") YOU (in the following referred to as "User") as user a right to use this software product (the "Software"). If you do not agree to all of these terms, please click in this case on a button to cancel the installation and do not use this software.

License Agreement

1. Copyright

The software is protected by law and intellectual property of the author. All components of the software, the documentation, as well as the design are protected by copyright laws. Except the listed rights, the contract grants no rights to the intellectual property of this software. The software and all copies, are the property of Eduard Steinmiller. In particular, all files that are shipped with the software, as well as the structure and design.

2. Software license

Under the condition that you agree to the license agreement, the Licensor grants you the installation and intended use of the software in an allowed number which comply with the license terms.

You are entitled:

- To install the software on any number of computers and to use it,,

- To create a copy of the installer or the installation disc for your own use and

- To share the installation file (as a download on a web page or part of a disk device (CD, DVD, BluRay, USB pen))

3. Limitations

A modification of the software is not permitted. Decompile, disassemble, reverse engineering or other procedures that lead to the determination of the source code or components of those or are similar, may not be applied to the software. Also the software must not be bundled in a package with other software.

You are not entitled, the rights granted to you either in parts or as a whole:

- To rent, lend, sublicense,

- To transfer the granted rights to third parties or to sell.

All copyright notices must remain in all components of the software.

4. Disclaimer of warranty

All information on the products and services are descriptions and shall not represent a guarantee. There is no entitlement to product support.

5. Obligations of the licensee

You are obliged to test the software on your operation system before and after each use, so that the desired and expected success is achieved with the software.. Before the first-time usage, you are required to create a backup of your system and all data.

6. Liability

(1) The licensor excludes liability for slightly negligent breaches of duty violation of inessential contractual duties.

(2) The licensor is liable for damages caused deliberately or through grave negligence restricted to the purchase price paid for the use of the software.

(3) Furthermore, all claims for damages, especially due to lost profit, loss of use of failed expenses, benefits from delay or breach of duty as well as non-contractual claims for indirect damage and consequential damage are excluded.

(4) Possible damage claims are in addition restricted to the amount of foreseeable when the contract was concluded; Damage claims as a result of the implementation of the licensor was not foreseeable risks may not be claimed.

(5) Dropped. The legal liability due to culpable violation of life, body or health remains unaffected.

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