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The data Privacy Policy describes how the anonymous or personal data are collected, processed, stored and used to perform electronic services. This policy is limited to data that can be collected and controlled by our server, but not to third-party data that we do not have access to. By using the offered services of the website, you agree to this Privacy Policy.

Privacy: Internet


In order to operate the website, data that you send to the server is collected and stored. These include, for example,.: date, time, IP address of your provider and the origin and destination URL of the page. Cookies are used in your browser to save personal settings. All stored data are saved anonymously and can not be used for the identification of a person. Should you object to this, you must leave this website immediately. To avoid misuse and as fraud prevention, the provider is entitled to store IP addresses of users of his Internet services. The stored information is automatically deleted after expiry of a fixed period.


The transmitted personal data such as name, address, email address, etc.. are stored and kept until they are deleted at the request of the customer, or according to the General Terms and Conditions. The collected data are not passed on to third parties, as long as no explicit consent of the person exists. All anonymous or personal data are used for the services offered, such as order or support. Additional submitted data, such as feedback or problem messages, can be used to present them anonymously on the relevant page, such as problem solving that could help other users. Furthermore, personal data can be passed on to third parties to conduct an order so that external payment providers such as PayPal and others can legitimize and make a cash transfer.


The personal data collected will be kept for the required period of use and, if necessary, for the exercise of services or if require to us by statutory obligations.


You are advised that data and information transfered on the Internet may be intercepted. Secret and personal data should therefore only be transmitted via a secure connection.

Transport Layer Security (TLS): All personal data necessary for the ordering process are implemented via an encrypted connection using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This is intended to prevent personal data from being intercepted and unlawfully reused. However, this measure can not guarantee absolute safety since safety gaps in the techniques used can not be completely ruled out.


The company, which is responsible for advertising in the form of banners and layer ads, can collect statistical information and possibly track a user through cookies. Advertising connected with us through third-party providers, may use techniques to collect personal data. You can find out which information is collected and stored there at the corresponding advertising partner and, if necessary, have it deleted at your request.


Customer notifications about news can be requested and unsubscribed at any time. Only an e-mail address and optional first and last name are required for the newsletter. These are stored until revoked and used for customer notification.


Privacy: Software Cloudevo

Cloudevo Profile and Cloudevo Account

To use our software, you need to create a Cloudevo account. The Cloudevo account consists of a user name and a password.. A hash (sha256) is created from the user name and password and stored on the Cloudevo server.. Furthermore, no other personal data is stored unencrypted on the Cloudevo server..

Personal information

By using our software and services, your personal data will be collected, processed and transferred. We do not receive any ownership or right of use to your data. Your data will remain your property. You grant us the right to collect, encrypt, transfer, share, release, temporarily store and process your data for example to create thumbnails.. Furthermore, you also allow us to encrypt your data and upload it to the cloud storage. The privacy policy of the cloud storage services used applies to the storage and availability of your data. Your data cannot be read or evaluated by us.

Information and deletion

You have the right to get information about the stored personal data free of charge by sending an e-mail to our support team. In addition, you can also request the correction or deletion of your personal data.

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