Data privacy statement


A data privacy statement describes, how anonymous and personal data is used, stored, that is necessary for electronic services. This statement only focuses on the data that is sent to our server and such that can be controlled by our services. It excludes such as the data that is sent to third parties, where upon we have no control. By the use of our offered service on this page, you automatically agree to this data privacy statement.

Data privacyExtent

In order to run this web page, it is necessary to collect and store data, that is sent to our server. This includes e.g.: date, time, ip address of your internet provider and the target URL of the page. For personal setting cookies are used by your browser. All saved data is stored anonymously  an can't be used for identification of a concrete person. If you dont agree to this terms, you have to leave this page immediately. In order to prevent from abuse and fraud, the page provider is allowed to store the ip address of all users of its web services. Stored information are deleted after an predefined fixed timeslot.


Transfered personal data like name, address, email address... are saved and stored until they are deleted on behalf of the users wish or by the conditions of the "general terms and conditions". No raised data is forwarded to any third party at any kind without explicit permission of its owner. All anonymous or personal data are used for the provided services as ordering and support. Further submitted data like customers feedback or technical issues can be used to present them anonymously on the web page, especially those, that can help other users in solving the same problem. Furthermore personal data can be transmitted during an order to a third party, so that payment service provider like PayPal and others are able to authorize a money transfer.


Stored personal data are only used for a necessary time span and maybe longer if it is crucial for the exercise of a given service task or if legal obligations force us to do so.


You are informed that each data transfered in the internet can be intercepted. Therefore you should use a secure connection for the transmission of important data.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

All personal data that is necessary for the booking process will be transmitted over the Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which provides a encrypted connection. This prevents from data theft during transmission and the abuse of former. To be noticed: An absolute security can't be garantueed, since security holes can exist in each technology.


The company that was charged to plant advertisement on this page, may be raising statistical information and is able to trace a user by leaving cookies on your computer. The advertisement, that is placed by a third party on our web page may be able to raise personal data. You are allowed to ask this partner for the purpose of this data and inquire their provider for a deletion of this data on your behalf.


Customer notifications via newsletters may be requested at any time. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters list at any time. We only need an email address and optionally your full name. This data will be stored for customers notifications until cancelation.

Disclosure and Deletion

You have the right to get information about all personal data that is stored by us without any fee by sending an formless email at

Furthermore this way you may inquire to change or to delete your personal data.


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