Cloudevo The Evolution of Cloud

Connect all your Cloud services together.

Safe through encryption. Fast through parallel processing.

Cloudevo What is Cloudevo?

The software Cloudevo aggregates any number of cloud storage to a big united cloud. It is unessential from which provider you have your cloud storage. Cloudevo combines all of the different cloud services to one large cloud. This united Cloud is then mounted as a drive on your device. All files are encrypted securely on the Cloud drive. In addition to encryption, the software includes useful functions, which facilitate the handling, administration, and synchronization of the data in the Cloud. You can access your files in Cloud Drive from anywhere.

Extend your storage space with a
Cloud Drive

Access your data in the Cloud, as if they were on a normal drive.

Cloud Drive with many features


Universal Cloud Client


Offline Mode

Search files

Native integration

Functions overview


The fear of unauthorized access to your data has come to an end. Cloudevo ensures safety. All your data will be securely encoded with modern AES-256 encryption. Only you have the key to your data. To strengthen the security, files are divided into several fragments and upload to different cloud services.


Sync all your data on multiple devices. Your files will be synchronized by Cloudevo automatically. You don't need to worry about it. Cloudevo uploads your data encrypted to the unified Cloud services. From other devices you can access your files from anywhere.

Universal Cloud Client

No matter on which Cloud service you want to save your data, Cloudevo can access it. If you are use different Cloud services, Cloudevo provides you with a uniform surface and interface. Continue to work with your data. Cloudevo takes care of the distribution. You do not need any other Software any more.


According to your needs, this united cloud can be extended by simply adding more cloud accounts. Cloudevo supports both paid and free cloud storage. This gives you the flexibility to store all your data confortable and safe in the cloud.

Partial synchronisation

Save your time through fast synchronization of your files. Cloudevo supported the partial-synchronazation. With the partial synchronization, you can choose which files are synchronized immediately, which files later and which files are not synchronized.


With our Data-On-Demand technology, data is synchronized whenever you request this by opening for instance a file. Hence you save time for the transfer of unnecessary data and do not block the bandwidth of your Internet connection. Exclude just files or directories entirely from the synchronization.


No internet access? No problem! With the Offline-Mode you can work as usual on your Cloudevo drive. Open cached files or create new one. Cloudevo is logging everything. All changes will be synchronized later when you have access to the internet.

Search files

On your Cloudevo drive you can work like on a usual hard drive. That's why you can browse your Cloud through the Cloudevo Drive comfortably in the usual way. Quickly and with preview.

Native integration

Use your existing file management program which you are accustomed to. Cloudevo integrates natively in the operating system. Hence you can browse, open and organize your file files and folders as usual. You are working on the Cloudevo Drive as on an ordinary hard drive. You do not notice any difference.

High performance

The software establish direct connections to the Cloud. It does not use detours or proxies. Thus, a high-speed transfer of your data is achieved.

Parallel usage

You can use Cloudevo in parallel to other Cloud software or your own in-house developed interface. Cloudevo creates a separate folder in the respective Cloud service, so your files in the Cloud storage dont get mixed.

Transfer of control

In a transfer list you can see when which file will be synced. Should certain files are not to be transferred now or not transferred at all, you can cancel the file transfer sinmply.


No matter how many accounts you use. Cloudevo unites all to a big Cloud and let you access your files over the Cloud Drive.


Your data will go with you, no matter where you are in the world. you can access your data from anywhere. Your account and the password are the key to your data. A drive with your data. An account with a password. Access to your files worldwide.

Easy data transfer

Sharing and Synchronizing your data worldwide has never been easier. In the Cloud Drive, you copy your files and directories. And software takes care of the remaining.

Conflict treatment

If you work in a Team on the Cloud drive, so it can happen, that multiple people create and edit files. Cloudevo detects conflicts, and resolves them by renaming.

Unlimited file size

Unlike many of the Cloud services and file systems, the Cloud Drive of Cloudevo do no have limits of file size. You can use files of any size, to backup or to share them in the Cloud.

Einfache Verwaltung

Verwalten Sie alle Ihre Cloud-Speicher Konten über Cloudevo. Sehen Sie auf einen Blick die Belegung für jeden Cloud-Speicher. Geht der Cloud-Speicher aus, fügen Sie einfach jederzeit weitere Cloud-Speicher Konten hinzu oder erweitern den Speicherplatz auf den bestehenden Konten.

Cloud-RAID Mirroring

By creating an exact copy of the data on multiple cloud stores, the failure protection and availability of data in the cloud can be improved.

Verification of integrity

A regular check on the availability of your data in the cloud detects when file has been deleted or the cloud storage is temporarily or permanently unavailable.

Repair of integrity

If data is deleted in the cloud or if a cloud storage service fails, the files can be uploaded to another available cloud storage.

Encryption of local files

The cached files can be stored encrypted on the local hard disk. These are then protected against access by strangers and readable by the Cloud Drive.

Network exchange

Files can be synchronized not only via the cloud storage services, but also directly via the local home or company network.

P2P transfer

Files can also be exchanged via encrypted direct connections over the Internet as a peer-to-peer or VPN.

Transparent migration

With Cloudevo, you migrate your data transparently from a cloud storage account to another without having to interrupt your work or operation. Cloudevo performs the migration in the background while you continue to work with your data. This makes you independent in choosing and changing a cloud storage service provider.

Network data transfer

Save time and money. Cloudevo connects to all devices in the local group, office, home or company network and exchanges files encrypted between the computers.


Through the decentralized system, you are independent of your own company server.

File server integration

If Cloudevo is installed on a local server, it will provide your files over an encrypted network.

Smart Sync Technology You never run out of storage

In order to reduve the memory space usage on your hard drive, only files that are used frequently are cached locally. The rest of the files you see as a placeholder. Open a placeholder file and the content of the file is downloaded immediately and will be presented. Edit your files directly in the Cloudevo Drive. All changes are immediately transmitted back to the Cloud.

Incremental synchronization

The Smart Sync technology detects any changes to the files and the difference to previous version. To speed up the data transfer, only changes are synchronized and not the entire file. This will bring a significant speed advantage and reduces the data transmission.

Automatic unsynchronization

If the storage space on your device is run out, the program will start an automatic unsynchronization. Here, the oldest and least used files are deleted until enough disk space is available.

Client-side encryption

Before the files are uploaded to the Cloud, they are encrypted with a strong security key. Only after the download of the files they are decrypted again. Thereby no Cloud service has access to your private data.


Optionally, all files will be compressed using the modern method before being uploaded. Thus, both the storage consumption in the Cloud will be reduced, as well as the transfer speed accelerated.

Status of synchronization

In your file management program, you can see immediately what the synchronization status of the files are. A small icon indicates whether the data is available or whether its is synchronized currently.

States of synchronization

File is synchronized

This is a green icon in the lower left corner, is intended to express that the displayed file is saved to the hard disk and can be read now.


This blue icon with the arrows in the lower left corner, is intended to express that the displayed file is requested for access, and now just downloaded.


This yellow icon with the clock in the lower left corner is intended to indicate that the displayed file has been requested for access and is now in the queue for downloading. In a short time, the download of the file starts automatically.

Not synchronized

This gray icon with the cross in the lower left corner, is intended to express that the illustrated file is located in the cloud, but not on the local computer. You can request the file to be able to access it.

Unterstützte Cloud-Anbieter

Use cases Overcome storage space challenges

What do you need a lot of storage space for? The use cases are limitless. Here are a few examples.


Team work

Collaborate with your colleagues and share your files with them. Cloudevo synchronizes the files in the entire Team, so that all can access them.

Data backup

Synchronize your archives for data backup between different devices. Easy over the cloud drive.


Many files are used only rarely and consume storage space on your hard disk. Transfer this files, via the cloud drive, to other devices, with lots of storage space.


Do you want to distribute securely your files among friends and family. Then Cloudevo offers you a simple and fast platform for this job.


Security in Cloudevo

The security of your data is important to us. All of your data and deserve the highest level of protection. For this reason, we do our best to provide you with a safe and user-friendly software. Your data belong to the part of your digital privacy. We ensure that nobody can access your data without your permission. Therefor we have developed a comprehensive concept, which consists of the following modules.

Modules of security

Client-side encryption

Before the files are uploaded to the Cloud, they are encrypted with a strong security key. Only after the download of the files they are decrypted again. Thereby no Cloud service has access to your private data.

Zero Knowledge Encryption

All files are protected with encryption against unauthorized access. Only you know the password. It is neither stored on the drive nor transmitted to the Internet.

Modern methods

We only use modern and through security institutions approved and recommended encryption method.

Your information is private and secure.

We promise!

We also use our software in our company to share, synchronize and archive our data in the team. For this reason, we put a high value on the security of our software. We dont collect personal data about your usage behavior on the computer, nor any other information about you or your data. We only use long-tried and approved procedures for the encryption of your data, which and recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Procedures, which are also used to encrypt your bank data and government information. Thus, we ensure that we meet all of the requirements for the security of data from businesses, corporations and governments.

Download Choose your platform

Cloudevo for Windows

Cloudevo for Windows
(32/64 Bit)


  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Cloudevo Web-App

Open Web App
Cloudevo Web-App


  • Chrome 53+
  • Firefox 51+
  • Edge 14+
  • Safari 6+

Cloudevo für Android


  • Android 4.4 - Kitkat
  • Android 5+

Cloudevo for iOS

Cloudevo for iOS
Coming soon


  • iOS 9+

Cloudevo für Windows Mobile

Cloudevo for Windows Mobile
Coming soon


  • Winndows Mobile 10+

Cloudevo for Ubuntu

Coming soon
(32/64 Bit)


  • Ubuntu 14+

Cloudevo for MacOS

Coming soon
(64 Bit)


  • OS X Mountain Lion 10.8
  • OS X Mavericks 10.9
  • OS X Yosemite 10.10
  • OS X El Capitan 10.11
  • macOS Sierra 10.12
  • macOS High Sierra 10.13


We provide our software products for at least 5 years. This means you have the certainty that you can rely in the future on our software products.


We keep up with the technical progress, improve and develop our software continuously in order to give you the greatest possible user experience and to protect your safety and security.

Cloudevo Cloudevo

Which Cloudevo suits you best?

Purchase the software as a one-time purchase with a permanent right of use or as a 1-year license with a usage right of one year.

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Encryption in the cloud
Synchronization between devices 3 5 5 10
Cloud-RAID Mirroring
Integrity monitoring and auto-repair
Encryption of local files
Objects (files, folders, ...) 10.000 1.000.000 1.000.000 1.000.000
Product support Community-Support 12 Months
E-mail support
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E-mail support
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Telephone support
Updates - Plugins All updates free of charge 12 months free 12 months free

Getting started In three steps to your secure cloud


Download software

Download the Software for your operating system and install it on your device.


Add cloud account

Add all your Cloud accounts to Cloudevo. Then, the Cloud drive will appear.


Copy files

Copy the files and folders in the Cloud drive to share or archive them.

What's next?

Copy arbitrarily many files in your Cloud Drive. These are automatically uploaded to the Cloud and synchronize with other devices. Now you can access your files and edit them from all your devices like PC, laptops, and tablets.


Read the complete documentation for the software.

Read documentation online

Manual PDF

Download the full documentation for the software and read it later.

Download documentation


Click on the questions to see the answers.

Cloudevo is a software which is able to integrate different cloud storage services on the internet as a disk drive in your computer device.
With this software, you can integrate different cloud storage services as a drive in your computer. Subsequently, you can use this Cloud Drive to sync files between different devices or to work in a team with colleagues. In addition, you can use this Cloud Drive for archiving your data or for data backup.
Cloud storage services are comparable to hard disks on the internet. Service provider supply such a hard drive on the internet and you can rent the rights to use this hard drive.
First, you have to download and install the software. Then, you have to create a free account to manage your settings. Afterwards, you add as many cloud accounts as you wish. All of these Cloud accounts are integrated as one drive. Now you can use this Cloud Drive, like any other hard drive.
A significant advantage is the encryption of your data in the Cloud. Thereby your data is safe from access by third parties. Moreover, you also have the benefit of an intelligent synchronization, which only provides you the frequently used files. All other on demand.
In Cloudevo you can save on the Cloud Drive, as many files as you want. This can be movies, photos, images, or documents of any kind.
The amount of data depends on the number of available storage space in the cloud storage services. Basically, there are no technical restrictions on the data volume or file size for the file system. However, the number of files and objects in the file system is limited, depending on the license used.
The company Evorim GmbH has no access to your data. All data are encrypted with your personal key and password. Only you can access your files.
Only you and people who know the password and your key will have access to the data. Otherwise, neither the company Evorim GmbH nor the cloud storage provider can access your data. All data are encrypted with your personal key and password. Only you can access your files.
Internally, all files are encrypted and large files are divided in small fragments. Afterwards, these files are then uploaded to the Cloud.
You decide! Depending on which cloud storage service you use, data is stored in different countries. The software Cloudevo stores no data, but only care about distribution, synchronisation and encryption.
Your files are stored on added cloud storage accounts. Of course encrypted! In addition, metadata is stored in the cloud, such as the name of the file, its size and the associated path. This additional information is the virtual file system, which Cloudevo works with. This information is also encrypted.
Yes, you can use the software in the worldwide. Our software has no regional restrictions. However, limitations can come from Cloud services, where specific regions, continents, or addresses are excluded.
From our side there are no restrictions. Only your endurance is crucial!
Your data is encrypted according to state of the art technology and through backup strategies of the Cloud services, to protected your data from loss.
The software Cloudevo not provide storage space on the internet. Cloudevo is a universal extension for all the other cloud storage services which brings many benefits and features.
Most reputable cloud storage services announce 6 to 12 months in advance that they will discontinue their cloud services. In such a case, we will notify you via the notification function of the application and on this page, which of the cloud services stops and at what time. Within the remaining period, we will provide an update of our software, to move all the data of a closing cloud services to another, active cloud service.. This operation is performed in the background, without the need to do something for you. You only install the update or enable the Auto-Update function.
Currently Cloudevo is only available for Windows. We are working on a public version for Linux and MacOS. Other mobile platforms like iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets are in conceptional design. A date for the release, we can not say at the moment. However, we are always looking for beta testers. Simply register informally by writing us through the feedback form.
The Cloudevo Pro license includes the right to install the Cloudevo software on all supported and available platforms that are available currently or in the future.
Use the software. Tell us about your experience. You should find an error, write to us! We are also always looking for beta testers. Simply register informally by writing us through the feedback form.

Questions and Feedback

Do have any further questions about this software? Do you want to tell us your opinions or report about your experience with the software? Then please use the following form.
The E-Mail address is optional. If you want a reply to your request, the email address is required.

Development Changelog

All the important developments, new features, changes and fixes in this version. Furthermore, we tell you what we are working on at the moment and what you can look forward in the future.!

New program version

Future development What we are currently working on

  • Integration of further cloud storage services:
    • MediaFire Storage
    • Apple iCloud (Access requested)
    • Amazon Cloud Drive
    • Amazon S3
    • Microsoft OneDrive Business
    • Microsoft Sharepoint
    • Google Storage
  • Certificate-based authentication and encryption
  • Versioning: Open, read or restore overwritten and deleted files
  • Access locking and remote deletion of files (stolen portable devices)
  • Cloud-RAID:
    • Level 0 (Already available)
    • Level 1 (Already available)
    • Level 0+1 (Already available)
    • Level 4 (Planned)
    • Level 5 (Planned)
    • Level 6 (Planned)
  • Portable Version
  • Password manager
  • Auto-update function
  • And many, many more ...
  • You have a good idea that is missing here? Write to us!





Note: This version is backwards compatible with previous versions: 3.0.8 - 3.0.4.

Note: .
This version is not compatible with the current version of Cloudevo for Android: Logon with subaccounts is not possible. An update will follow shortly.

New features and improvements

  • Revised transfer control: More reliable uploads and downloads of large amounts of data
  • Revision of the translation
  • Enhancement of documentation
  • Extended error messages and action instructions.
  • Higher application stability

Changes and fixes

  • Cache path was not always copied correctly.




Version 3.1.0

Note: This version is backwards compatible with previous versions: 3.0.8 - 3.0.4.

Note: Please read the note below to encryption the local cache.
This version is not compatible with the current version of Cloudevo for Android: Logon with subaccounts is not possible. An update will follow shortly.

New features and improvements

  • New: user management! Create, manage and delete user accounts.
  • New: User groups! Merging user accounts into groups and assigning permissions.
  • New: Cryptographic permissions! Setting read and write permissions for each user.
  • Assign storage space to each user account.
  • Assigning a letter to the cloud drive, taking into account the current allocation.
  • More reliable synchronization
  • Reduced space consumption on the local hard disk drive.
  • Improved file share compatibility for Edge.
  • Freeware users can continue to access their files after exceeding the restrictions.
  • Protective function prevents the application from getting stuck
  • Adaptations for the login in the WebApp

Changes and fixes

  • Cloud drive was occasionally not displayed because the background service did not start correctly.
  • The encryption of the local cache had an error in previous versions, which partially destroyed the files in the cache. Disable the encryption of the local cache before the update. Wait until decryption is complete. Only then you should install the update. After the update, check all files in the drive to see if they still contain broken files. Delete all corrupted files and then reinsert them into the cloud drive.




Version 3.0.7

Note: This version is backwards compatible with previous versions: 3.0.6 - 3.0.2.

New features and improvements

  • Compatibility with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
  • Compatibility with Windows 10 Preview 16299
  • Adaptation to the new Microsoft OneDrive interface




Version 3.0.6

Note: This version is backwards compatible with previous versions: 3.0.5 - 3.0.2.

New features and improvements

  • Sharing files and folders for arbitrary access.
  • Shares can be limited in the number of downloads.
  • Shares can be provided with an expiration date.
  • Faster and more reliable uploads (taking into account daily limits and restrictions)
  • Driver update: More stable and faster

Changes and fixes

  • Correction in licensing of Pro Licenses.




Version 3.0.4

Note: This version is backwards compatible with previous versions: 3.0.3, 3.0.2.

Note: This version is not backward compatible with versions: 3.0.0 (beta), 3.0.1 (preview).

New features and improvements

  • Upload/Download Optimization for cloud storage MEGA and 4Shared .
  • Higher application stability.




Version 3.0.3

Note: This version is backwards compatible with the previous version 3.

New features and improvements

  • Software now supports HTTP, SSL, Socks4 and Socks5 proxies.
  • Optimization: Faster mirroring of files using Cloud-RAID.
  • Optimization: Clean up cloud storage faster.
  • Cloud RAID now also available for free accounts.

Changes and fixes

  • Cloud storage accounts were sometimes displayed without corresponding email addresses.




Version 3.0.2

Note: This version is not backwards compatible with the previous version.

Note: The Cloudevo account from previous versions cannot be transferred to the new account system. You must create a new Cloudevo account for this version.. Also, all beta testers should create a new account. You can import your cloud storage accounts from the old account.
For instructions, see the documentation: Install updates
This also applies to files in the old cloud drive. These must be backed up before the update.

New features and improvements

  • Faster synchronization.
  • Compatibility with other platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile
  • Reduced work memory usage during transfer.
  • Cleanup routine for deleting data on cloud storage.
  • Cloud RAID now also available for free accounts.

Changes and fixes

  • Fixed bug when adding Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • Faster data transfer for the MEGA cloud service.
  • Fault has been corrected: Data transfer temporarily suspended
  • Fault has been corrected: Automatic desynchronization did not work
  • Fault has been corrected: Cloud drive was occasionally not displayed in Windows Explorer.




Version 2.5.3

Note: This version is backwards compatible with the previous version.

New features and improvements

  • Higher application stability.
  • PowerFolder API interface update: Faster calls and higher transfer rates.
  • Improved error reporting on Google accounts.
  • Higher transfer speeds.
  • Powerfolder Interface customization (Important: The encrypted-files folder must be moved to the root directory).

Changes and fixes

  • Adaptations to the integrity check routine.
  • Uploads via WebDAV have been interrupted sporadically due to timeouts.
  • Intermittent interruption or stop of uploads / downloads fixed.
  • Fix: Occasionally freezing of Windows Explorer under Windows 7 when working in the cloud drive.
  • Settings for automatic synchronization were saved but not loaded correctly.
  • Fix: Crash of the application or disappear of the drive.
  • Corrections when logging into the FTP protocol.
  • FTP and SFTP sporadically showed the wrong size of the assignment.
  • Corrections when logging off with the SFTP protocol.
  • Correction when logging into Dropbox.
  • Correction of false integrity display.




Version 2.4.8

Note: This version is backwards compatible with the previous version.

New features and improvements

  • Mount network and cloud storage via SFTP (SSH-1 and SSH-2, SCP).
  • Mount network and cloud storage via FTP, FTPS and FTPeS (FTP over implicit or explicit SSL / TLS).
  • Cloud storage HiDrive can now also be used with paid user accounts.
  • Cloud storage MEGA added again.
  • Notes in the program for transfer volumes and automatic backups.
  • Improved parallelization of transfer.
  • Adjustments to the interface for new DriveOnWeb accounts.
  • Smoother display of files in Windows 10 Creator Update
  • Avoiding capacity limitations for various cloud storage.
  • Mount network and cloud storage via WebDAV: OwnCloud, Nextcloud, Synology.
  • Sorting function for cloud storage accounts.
  • Entry of individual transfer limits for upload and download.
  • Cloud drive by default under drive letter (O:).

Changes and fixes

  • Cloud storage pCloud: Special characters in the password prevented correct authentication.
  • Adding cloud storage accounts failed when slow Internet connection.
  • Fix: Sporadically occurring errors when creating new cloud storage accounts.
  • Date of copied files was not set correctly.
  • Correction of graphical representation errors in the Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 user interface.
  • Adaptations to new interface of HiDrive.
  • Files, with the exact multiples of 1 MB, were not uploaded.
  • Fix: Windows Store Apps can not be downloaded if Cloud Drive is mounted as drive (B :).




Version 2.3.4

Note: This version is backwards compatible with the previous version.

New features and improvements

  • Revision of Cloud Storage Cleanup: Faster and more frequent.
  • Manual cleanup can be started for all cloud memory simultaneously.
  • The size of the local buffer can now also store individual values.
  • Cloud RAID group is now also displayed in the account list.
  • User manual as PDF in the installation directory and for download.
  • Reduced processor utilization.

Changes and fixes

  • MEGA Cloud showed wrong size.
  • Adjustments to the user interface.
  • Cleanup in version 2.3.0 partially deleted too many files.
  • Adding new cloud storage accounts from MEGA has been disabled. Existing ones can still be used.
  • Fix: Absent or severely delayed cleanup.
  • Fix: Occasionally freezing of Windows Explorer under Windows 7 when working in the cloud drive.




Version 2.2.1

Note: This version is backwards compatible with the previous version.

New features and improvements

  • Significant acceleration when loading the virtual file system with large amounts of data.
  • New function: Reset the local cloud drive.
  • Remove the cloud drive from Windows Explorer.
  • New function: Cloud storage accounts cleanup to delete old files.
  • Reduction of memory consumption.

Changes and fixes

  • Sporadically occurring user interface crash.
  • Sporadic incorrect authorization under Google Drive .




Version 2.1.1

Note: This version is backwards compatible with the previous version.

New features and improvements

  • Significant acceleration of the upload / download (up to 16x faster).
  • Faster Cloud-RAID mirroring of data between different cloud storage.
  • The primary password for the Cloudevo account can now be changed.
  • Stability update for the device driver.
  • Advanced integrated documentation.

Changes and fixes

  • Deleted files have been sporadically displayed again.
  • Corrections in the user interface and labels.
  • Many other minor fixes.




Version 2.0.2

Note: This version is backwards compatible with the previous version.

New features and improvements

  • NTFS Alternative data streams (ADS) are prevented in the cloud drive.
  • Dropbox authorization token can be entered manually.
  • Overview of the integrity of the data on the cloud storage
  • Automatically and manually verify the integrity of the data on the cloud stores
  • Option to enable and disable automatic desynchronization of long time unused files.
  • Parallel transfer up to 32 files
  • Encryption of locally cached files.
  • Data exchange in the network between different devices running Cloudevo
  • Manual connection to devices in the network or Internet as a VPN and peer-to-peer
  • Cloud RAID mirroring: Each file is uploaded to two different cloud storage services. If a service is temporarily unavailable or it fails completely, the files can be restored via the second service. Maximum security for your data.
  • Assign cloud storage accounts to a cloud mirroring group.
  • Automatically and manually repair the integrity of missing data in the cloud.

Changes and fixes

  • Files with names longer than 130 characters could not be opened.
  • Failed to open image and video files by some Microsoft programs.
  • Fixed read errors when playing video files.
  • Fixed memory errors when writing Word docx files.
  • When starting the software, occasionally not all files were displayed.
  • Many other minor fixes.




Version 1.5.0

Note: This version is backwards compatible with the previous version.

New features and improvements

  • More detailed representation during transfer
  • Much faster synchronization of large amounts of data
  • Faster uploading to the cloud storage
  • Improved application stability
  • Microsoft OneDrive: Faster data transfer
  • More detailed representation during transfer
  • Faster uploading to the cloud storage
  • Select the drive letter
  • Integration cloud storage service:
  • New option: Set the limit for automatic synchronization.
  • New option: Specify how much disk space may be used locally for cache.
  • Higher stability with large amounts of data.

Changes and fixes

  • Fixed missing sync
  • Strong synchronization delays have been fixed
  • Google Drive had errors with concurrent use of the Google Drive Client
  • Strong start-up delay when starting the application on Windows 10.
  • Minor fixes





Version 1.3.5

Note: This version is backwards compatible with the previous version.

New features and improvements

  • Integration cloud storage service:
  • Improved stability under Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008
  • Fast synchronization of large amount of data
  • Faster uploading to the cloud storage
  • Dropbox has unlocked Cloudevo. We say thank you!
  • Integration cloud storage service:
  • Integration cloud storage service:
  • Higher stability: Application
  • Higher stability: Synchronization
  • Integration Cloud Service: Cloud
  • Improved error handling for delayed upload.
  • Faster syncing of new devices.
  • Higher stability.
  • Integration Cloud Service: Cloud
  • Integration Cloud Service: Cloud
  • Integration Cloud Service: Cloud
  • Improved error handling for delayed upload.
  • Option for the transfer window: Show automatically on synchronisation
  • Option for the transfer window: Always on top
  • Faster syncing of new devices.
  • Notifications in the main window.
  • Selection of a compression level, the files are compressed with.
  • Upload/Download: Set bandwidth limit.
  • Symbols for the synchronization has been enlarged a bit.
  • Path for the cache can be moved.
  • Allocation strategy for data usage on the cloud services.
  • Option to limit the use of space on a cloud service.
  • Higher stability.
  • Option: Prevent standy and hibernation while syncing.
  • Smoother display of synchronized files in transfer window.
  • Error descriptions in case of a failed synchronization.
  • Updating of files via the Explorer context menu.
  • Improved error handling for delayed upload.
  • Adjustments to the user interface.





New features and improvements

  • Parallel transfer of files to the cloud.
  • Improved authorization for cloud services.
  • Improved support for executable files in the virtual drive.
  • Logout button added to logout from the Cloudevo account.
  • Automatic display and disappearance of the window for file transfer progress.
  • Delete cloud accounts.
  • Delete all the files on your cloud accounts.
  • Faster synchronization of changes.
  • Parallelization of file transfers.
  • Cancel synchronization via the Explorer menu.
  • Flashing icon in the notification area while transfer.
  • Delete all temporal files when uninstalling.

Alternative downloads

Alternativer Download Cloudevo selected by CHIP Cloudevo reviewed at filehorse download of Cloudevo
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